Shinetoo Lighting USA LLCAbout Us1263B Rand RD, Des Plaines, IL, 60016 USAShinetoo Lighting has been manufacturing high quality indoor and outdoor lighting since 2008. Our American headquarter is located in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, we have factories in USA, China and Thailand. Initially, our company started with a team of 3 and since then we have grown to well over 100 skilled employees. We are proud to have an experienced R&D team who are always developing the next generation of lighting fixtures to keep our company ahead of the curve. Our in-house support and sales team are always prepared to offer you different solutions for your lighting needs. Our goal is to be known as one to the world’s top suppliers of Industrial, Commerc

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1000% used in enclosed area and it is harmful for eyes and skins only when you expose around the UVC lights. 360Degree coverage and motion sensor sensor, remote control and camera available as optional to make sure you can operate it in safe way. Clinics, Food factory and many other big area love it. Any comments or questions, please contact us at
we value our employees and customers like partners because we have the same value and target. Appreciate all the supports over 12 years, we are different because we have you.
Launch new UVC lights. The market is flooded with cheap staff, our principle is focus on quality and make it really work, there is no end on cheap price but there is alway a market for quality with reasonable price, are you agree?
Mobile UVC Light - keep the office and school safe, it can kill 99.99% virus.
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